Five Things To Do On Christmas Eve

von Armin

OK, let’s see if we can mess up this fancy new blog and its fancy design. Five things to do on Christmas Eve. Here we go:

  • 5. Write a pointless entry on this blog

    Which is what I’m doing just now.

  • 4. Drink some Islay Single Malt

    Like a good Laphroaig Quarter Cask. Which I had earlier.

  • 3. Be jealous of other people and their Christmas Eve sunset and Sunrise

    Like this one. Yes, it’s been grey and dull and generally dreich in Bremen where I am at the moment

  • 2. Eat lots of Bremer Klaben

    Mother’s Bremer Klaben is the best. Even better than mine, even though I use her recipe.

  • 1. Watch YouTube Videos

    Like this one. Has lots of strange Christmas presents in it. Whoohoo!

That’s all, folks.

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  • Schuer (Team) am 27.12.2007  #1

    Top Gear, yeah!

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