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von Armin

It’s been a while since I last blogged in English on this blog, time to do it again. Also easier should I decide to crosspost it on my main blog later.

This is a blog, right? Sometimes bloggers write about other blogs. So do I, here are five blogs I added to my RSS aggregator subscriptions this year:

  • 5. Ricardo’s Blog

    A blog from a continent we probably don’t read much of here in Europe (apart from now during the Football World Cup): Latin and South America. Ricardo is from Mexico, but lives in Brazil and blogs at Ricardo’s Blog. Oh, and we share the same employer, which is how I found his blog.

  • 4. Blogrolle

    The only German blog making it on to my H1 2006 list. The Blogrolle author works as an executive for the online portal of Germany’s biggest tabloid newspaper, although that’s not the focus of his blog, instead he writes about various technology topics

  • 3. Get Rich Slowly

    Most people try to get rich quick, sometimes it’s better to Get Rich Slowly. Some of the content is US centric, but I still find interesting thoughts and ideas about personal finance and related topics almost daily.

  • 2. NevilleHobson.com

    I’m not entirely sure if this might have been very late 2005 discovery, but then I only really started reading (and subscribing) to it in 2006, so it makes the list: NevilleHobson.com is Neville Hobson’s (now there’s a surprise) blog about communication and PR. Quite a lot of interesting stuff to find here.

  • 1. Silversprite

    John Kirriemuir grew up in the Vale of Evesham (that’s not too far from Swindon, where I live), but now lives on the Isle of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides, where he blogs on Silversprite (also the name of his consultancy business). He writes about life in the Outer Hebrides, beaches and “the application of Internet-based technologies in island and remote locations”. Great beach pictures as well.

These were my top 5 discoveries for the first half of 2006, I hope the second half will be as good!

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  • Neville Hobson am 01.07.2006  #1

    Thanks, Armin, for including me in your list. Glad to know you find my blog of interest. Likewise with yours. I don’t do lists, though ;)

  • einbecker am 02.07.2006  #2

    Ich persönlich sehe das ja manchmal so wie Max Goldt…

  • Armin (Autor) am 02.07.2006  #3

    Wenn ich jetzt wuesste wie Max Goldt das sieht…

  • einbecker (Team) am 03.07.2006  #4


  • Karsten am 03.07.2006  #5

    I am very disappointed my blog is not mentioned … no, not really, respectively not at all. I’d been very surprised if it was.

    Wie dem auch sei, ich sehe mich schliesslich als kleines Bloglicht in der großen Welt der aktiveren Blogs. Mein kleiner, aber (hoffentlich) feiner, Blog ist (bzw. war anfangs) mehr für die daheim gebliebenen in Deutschland gedacht und da sind die meisten der englischen Sprache nicht so mächtig, dass sie noch Lust hätten was englisches zu lesen… Ich weiß gar nicht wie ihr das alles macht. Blogthemen finden, schreiben, andere (regelmässig) lesen, kommentare abgeben und Job und Privatleben. Können ja nicht alles Lehrer sein.

    In diesem Sinne: Schönen Feierabend vom

  • Ricardo Carreon am 11.07.2006  #6


    Thanks a lot for including me on your list, it is a great honor. I have been blogging recently quite a bit on the Mexico election since it was so close a race. Information was and will continue to be coming about that one. I am now getting back to normal content on my last few posts. I just started a feed on Feedburner with my blog posts, my del.icio.us links and I will probably add flickr content. My feed is accesible through the blog or directly at http://feeds.feedburner.com/RicardosBlog .

    Thanks again and see you in a comment stream soon.


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