Favourite Scottish Island Beaches

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I’ve done the favourite Scottish Islands, so let me go a step further to the island beaches. Many people only associate tropical or southern beaches with beautiful sunshine, golden sand and clear blue water, I think some of the examples here will make them change their mind. Admittedly the water is slightly cooler (as is often the air temperature), but just from their beauty Scottish island beaches can compete with any beach in the world.

  • 5. Sands of Breckon, Shetland

    The most northerly beach in Scotland I’ve ever been to, I think. It can be found on Yell in the north of Shetland. The water is rather cold considering it’s in the middle of the Atlantic, but the sand and light on a sunny day are just brilliant.

  • 4. Hushinish Beach, Isle of Harris

    Another quite remote beach can be found at Huisinis (Hushinish) in North Harris at the end of the B887, a long and winding single track road. A very popular beach on a sunny summer Sunday, but the colours of the beach, the clear water and the machair are just fantastic.

  • 3. Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay

    The first of the two beaches on Islay I’m going to include in this list. A favourite for many people visiting Islay. Wide panoramic views over golden sands and rocky shorelines make it easy to understand why it’s so popular. Great for summer sunsets.

  • 2. Kiloran Bay, Isle of Colonsay

    Probably one of the most photogenic beaches in Scotland. Kiloran Bay on remote Colonsay requires a bit of effort to reach it, but it’s worth every minute of the long journey. Beautiful bright sand, blue seas and a on a clear day views to the Isle of Mull.

  • 1. Kilchoman Beach, Machir Bay, Isle of Islay

    Somehow I always return to it. Not entirely sure why, but it has some special magic for me. The huge beach in particular at low tide, the waves coming in, the high cliffs with the old radar installations, the dunes backing the beach, all of this contributes to it. Great at any time of the year, some of the best views of Machir Bay I’ve had on clear and crisp October mornings.

Now let’s see how many will agree with my choices…

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  • Finlay Macintyre am 29.11.2009  #1

    Lossit on Islay?

  • Gregor am 09.01.2010  #2

    Bay at the back of the ocean, Iona

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