How to waste 4 hours at the airport

von Armin

The annual journey to my parents in Germany for Christmas. As usual there is no direct flight from the UK to Bremen, meaning a lengthy stopover somewhere. This year as in several previous years it’s Amsterdam Schiphol. And this time I’ve got four hours to kill. What to do? What to do?

  • 5. Queueing

    Passport control, security control, a queue here, another queue there. Do you have any liquids, Sir? No, sorry, I’m not that stupid to take any liquids on to my journey. Please take the laptop out of the bag for xray. Keys, wallet, coins? Already in my bag, I’ve flown before and know how to get through security quicker, thank you very much. May be shouldn’t have done it this time, plenty of time still to waste…

  • 4. Shopping

    The whisky selection is not that great. Sure, they have some Islay single malts, but just the standard ones you find everywhere. Or the hugely expensive. Come to think of it, most seem quite expensive anyway: €50 for 1l of Laphroaig? I think I can get 0.7l for about ¬£25 in the UK. So I bought a digital voice recorder instead, something I had planned for quite a while.

  • 3. Spend far too much money for WiFi

    €6 for 30min? €10 for a day? They must be joking! But then it’s Christmas only once a year and I’ve got a few hours to kill. Now where was that credit card?

  • 2. Call my mother on Skype

    Hey, I just spent €10 for 2-3 hours of internet access, might as well use the opportunity to call her for free. Even if we’re going to see us in about 4-5 hours. And we don’t really have that much to say over the phone anyway as we’re going to talk properly in a few hours. Still spent 30 or so minutes talking with her and my sister.

  • 1. Blog about wasting time

    Hey, that’s what I’m doing right now. Writing a completely pointless entry about wasting time at the airport. Whoohoo! Only 1.5 hours to go until departure now…

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