Reasons to Top Five in English

von Armin

Most of the entries on this blog are in German. So why write some of them in English?

  • 5. Because I can.

    That’s good enough for me.

  • 4. Because you all speak Denglisch anyway

    You have handys, smokings, moonshine-tarife and much more. Shouldn’t be a problem for you then.

  • 3. Because it keeps you lot on your toes.

    You read enough German every day. As keen readers of this blog I can make you read more English. You know you want to.

  • 2. Because I can use nice words.

    Like thingymajiggy. Sometimes mistyped as thingymahjiggy. Not that it matters. Still a nice word.

  • 1. Because Schuer said so.

    Schuer said: English, please. So here I am.

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  • Schuer (Team) am 22.01.2008  #1

    Right, I said so. And you did really well.
    As I am sort of hollywood enhanced 95-AE/5-BE bastard speaker, I will enjoy all of your royal kingdomajiggy speech!

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