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I’ve covered the long band names back in 2005 under Bands mit sehr langen Namen. Can’t do that again then. So this time I’m going for the short band names. I suspect there will be some shorter ones (e.g. bands with just a letter as the band name), but I’m only including bands I’ve actually heard of before and have at least a vague idea of their music.

  • 5. Yes

    Apparently Yes play ‘progressive rock’. Can’t claim I’ve ever really listened to them, but their logo(s) I kind of know for some reason. And according to Wikipedia their name was chosen to be short, direct, and memorable. Good enough for this list.

  • 4. ABC

    A band I vaguely remember from my youth. ABC had a few hits back in the 80s. Some New Wave and New Romantics stuff. ‘The Look of Love’ and ‘When Smokey Sings’ were two of their hits, in case you can’t remember them.

  • 3. Can

    Can is the name they’re known for, even though it apparently stands for ‘Communism-Anarchism-Nihilism’ which would make it rather too long for this list. But then listing them allows me to use the word ‘Krautrock’, which is good.

  • 2. Ash

    Short name, loud and great songs, that’s Ash. Just think Burn Baby Burn, Starcrossed and most importantly Sometimes. Even when they play a cover they have taste and play the best song ever (according to John Peel).

  • 1. U2

    That’s the shortest one I can think of, at least in the written form. They even have one of the few two character domains for their website, No comments about the music, apart that obviously the old stuff is better. Obviously.

Some bands could have made the list, if it hadn’t been for the details. The Who would have made my list without the The. But the The added three letters to the name, making it six letters long (and that’s ignoring the space). Similar with R.E.M., where the dots add three ‘characters’. And for Oasis, well, that’s 5 letters. Far too long for this list. Sorry.

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