My Five (Well, Four) Scottish Bands of the Moment

von Armin

Apparently Mr Einbecker is sick. Man flu, presumably? Or has that Norovirus found its way across the channel? May be some music will cheer him up. Here are five Scottish bands I quite like listening to at the moment. Come to think of it, not only at the moment.

Yes. I know that one band receives two mentions. So technically this isn’t really a top five. And?

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  • einbecker (Team) am 05.01.2008  #1

    Although that norovirus has already arrived in Dresden, that’s not my kind of illness — I’ll just go with that regular old boring cold-thingy. Thanks for the music, some great old-school rock’n'roll from what I’ve heard, I will dig deeper. Especially with Idlewild, they sort of alway stay below my radar, although when a friend plays one of their records, I always ask him which band it is. Thanks again mate, I already feel better.

  • Konstantin am 07.01.2008  #2

    Die Glasvegas sind cool, mal eher banal formuliert.

    Oh und uebrigens, off topic, feiner relaunch, sehr schoen.

  • Schuer (Team) am 08.01.2008  #3

    Dankesehr, Konstantin!

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