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Favourite Scottish Island Beaches

von Armin am 28.11.2009

I’ve done the favourite Scottish Islands, so let me go a step further to the island beaches. Many people only associate tropical or southern beaches with beautiful sunshine, golden sand and clear blue water, I think some of the examples here will make them change their mind. Admittedly the water is slightly cooler (as is often the air temperature), but just from their beauty Scottish island beaches can compete with any beach in the world.

  • 5. Sands of Breckon, Shetland

    The most northerly beach in Scotland I’ve ever been to, I think. It can be found on Yell in the north of Shetland. The water is rather cold considering it’s in the middle of the Atlantic, but the sand and light on a sunny day are just brilliant.

  • 4. Hushinish Beach, Isle of Harris

    Another quite remote beach can be found at Huisinis (Hushinish) in North Harris at the end of the B887, a long and winding single track road. A very popular beach on a sunny summer Sunday, but the colours of the beach, the clear water and the machair are just fantastic.

  • 3. Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay

    The first of the two beaches on Islay I’m going to include in this list. A favourite for many people visiting Islay. Wide panoramic views over golden sands and rocky shorelines make it easy to understand why it’s so popular. Great for summer sunsets.

  • 2. Kiloran Bay, Isle of Colonsay

    Probably one of the most photogenic beaches in Scotland. Kiloran Bay on remote Colonsay requires a bit of effort to reach it, but it’s worth every minute of the long journey. Beautiful bright sand, blue seas and a on a clear day views to the Isle of Mull.

  • 1. Kilchoman Beach, Machir Bay, Isle of Islay

    Somehow I always return to it. Not entirely sure why, but it has some special magic for me. The huge beach in particular at low tide, the waves coming in, the high cliffs with the old radar installations, the dunes backing the beach, all of this contributes to it. Great at any time of the year, some of the best views of Machir Bay I’ve had on clear and crisp October mornings.

Now let’s see how many will agree with my choices…

BBC Radio 4 Comedy

von Armin am 22.02.2008

Some people say radio is dead. I disagree. I think it is very much alive. I still listen to it a lot and there are quite a few programmes I wouldn’t want to miss. Here are some of my favourite comedy programmes on BBC Radio 4:

  • 5. Down the Line

    Don’t we all love call in shows, with various nutters talking about their pet hates? Even the Guardian likes it, so Down the Line with Gary Bellamy must be good. Unfortunately it’s off air as I’m writing this, I hope it will be back soon with another series.

  • 4. The Lawrence Sweeney Mix

    The Lawrence Sweeney Mix is improvisation at its best. The audience suggests a topic and they talk about it. The most recent series seems to have finished this week, so go to the listen again page while you can. And hope for it to come back.

  • 3. I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue

    I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue how to describe this programme. It calls itself the antidote to panel games. And is really good.

  • 2. Just a minute!

    A classic. 35 (!) years old and still going strong. Just a Minute. The rules: Talk about a given topic for one minute without hesitation, repetition or deviation. Just brilliant. And with Nicholas Parsons. And Paul Merton.

  • 1. The Now Show

    I think they call The Now Show topical comedy. Comedy about current affairs. Very funny. Unfortunately also off air at the moment, but I’m confident it will be back at some point.

And thanks to the internet you don’t even have to live in the UK to listen to them, most of them are available online, either as a stream or some even as a podcast. Or if they are currently off air you might still be able to listen to the last show via listen again.

Bands with Numbers in their Name

von Armin am 31.01.2008

After Long Band Names and Short Band Names I’ve decided to turn my attention to bands with numbers in their name. I guess there are hundreds of them and some might be great while others might be horrible. And for any name I’ll top five here you (as in you the readers) will come up with something better.

Anyway, my criteria for inclusion into this list were either I like the name or I like the music. Or both.

Over to you to rip up the list and come up with better bands (or band names) with numbers in them…

Bad Guy: Top5 Facts About Chuck Norris

von Schuer am 29.01.2008

  • 5. ..

    Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

  • 4. ..

    Chuck Norris sleeps with a night light. Not because Chuck Norris is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.

  • 3. ..

    Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

  • 2. ..

    M.C. Hammer learned the hard way that Chuck Norris can touch this.

  • 1. ..

    Rosa Parks refused to get out of her seat because she was saving it for Chuck Norris.

Powered Smashed by The Original Chuck Norris Facts Generator.

Short Band Names

von Armin am 27.01.2008

I’ve covered the long band names back in 2005 under Bands mit sehr langen Namen. Can’t do that again then. So this time I’m going for the short band names. I suspect there will be some shorter ones (e.g. bands with just a letter as the band name), but I’m only including bands I’ve actually heard of before and have at least a vague idea of their music.

  • 5. Yes

    Apparently Yes play ‘progressive rock’. Can’t claim I’ve ever really listened to them, but their logo(s) I kind of know for some reason. And according to Wikipedia their name was chosen to be short, direct, and memorable. Good enough for this list.

  • 4. ABC

    A band I vaguely remember from my youth. ABC had a few hits back in the 80s. Some New Wave and New Romantics stuff. ‘The Look of Love’ and ‘When Smokey Sings’ were two of their hits, in case you can’t remember them.

  • 3. Can

    Can is the name they’re known for, even though it apparently stands for ‘Communism-Anarchism-Nihilism’ which would make it rather too long for this list. But then listing them allows me to use the word ‘Krautrock’, which is good.

  • 2. Ash

    Short name, loud and great songs, that’s Ash. Just think Burn Baby Burn, Starcrossed and most importantly Sometimes. Even when they play a cover they have taste and play the best song ever (according to John Peel).

  • 1. U2

    That’s the shortest one I can think of, at least in the written form. They even have one of the few two character domains for their website, No comments about the music, apart that obviously the old stuff is better. Obviously.

Some bands could have made the list, if it hadn’t been for the details. The Who would have made my list without the The. But the The added three letters to the name, making it six letters long (and that’s ignoring the space). Similar with R.E.M., where the dots add three ‘characters’. And for Oasis, well, that’s 5 letters. Far too long for this list. Sorry.

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