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Reasons to Top Five in English

von Armin am 20.01.2008

Most of the entries on this blog are in German. So why write some of them in English?

  • 5. Because I can.

    That’s good enough for me.

  • 4. Because you all speak Denglisch anyway

    You have handys, smokings, moonshine-tarife and much more. Shouldn’t be a problem for you then.

  • 3. Because it keeps you lot on your toes.

    You read enough German every day. As keen readers of this blog I can make you read more English. You know you want to.

  • 2. Because I can use nice words.

    Like thingymajiggy. Sometimes mistyped as thingymahjiggy. Not that it matters. Still a nice word.

  • 1. Because Schuer said so.

    Schuer said: English, please. So here I am.

My Five (Well, Four) Scottish Bands of the Moment

von Armin am 04.01.2008

Apparently Mr Einbecker is sick. Man flu, presumably? Or has that Norovirus found its way across the channel? May be some music will cheer him up. Here are five Scottish bands I quite like listening to at the moment. Come to think of it, not only at the moment.

Yes. I know that one band receives two mentions. So technically this isn’t really a top five. And?

Topics I won’t cover in a review of 2007

von Armin am 30.12.2007

It seems it is that time of the year again. The time where people look back at the year and write lists. Lists of the best somethingorother of the year. The Top Five cooking oils of the year. The Top Five goals scored by Michael Owen while playing for Newcastle in the FA Cup this year. The best English goalkeepers of the year. Yes, those kind of list. Everyone is doing it. So I’m going to join in, with the list of all lists, the list of list topics I’m not going to write about.

  • 5. Web2.0SocialNetworkBlogOnlineThingymahjiggy

    Already covered in 144,987,341 (rough estimate) other blogs and other techie websites. And another 556,873 will still write, trackback and pingback about them. Boring.

  • 4. Movies/DVDs

    I’ve been to the cinema exactly 0 times this year. And the DVDs were from approx 15 years ago (yay for nostalgia!). Not much to go on there, is it? Apart from that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is still a great movie.

  • 3. Books

    Hey, you have to show that you’re not only staring at the computer screen, so better include a list of books. I just can’t be bothered to try to remember which ones I read this year. I’m sure there’s been a Christopher Brookmyre among them somewhere. And I’m certain it was good. That’ll have to do.

  • 2. Music

    I don’t have an iPod (or any other player for that matter), therefore don’t use iTunes or any similar software. Meaning I can’t run off pointless statistics how many times I’ve listened to which songs and create a ranking from it. Thinking about it, I think I’ve only bought about 3 or 4 CDs this year. Concerts? I’ve only been to one. That was Idlewild, who also make good CDs every once in a while. I think one might have been this year.

  • 1. Holiday Destinations

    Well, that would be a bit pointless coming from me. After all I’ve only been to one this year. So I haven’t really got much to rank and compare. Call me boring if you want.

Now I’m wondering if I should have a stab at predictions for 2008 again?

Five Things To Do On Christmas Eve

von Armin am 24.12.2007

OK, let’s see if we can mess up this fancy new blog and its fancy design. Five things to do on Christmas Eve. Here we go:

  • 5. Write a pointless entry on this blog

    Which is what I’m doing just now.

  • 4. Drink some Islay Single Malt

    Like a good Laphroaig Quarter Cask. Which I had earlier.

  • 3. Be jealous of other people and their Christmas Eve sunset and Sunrise

    Like this one. Yes, it’s been grey and dull and generally dreich in Bremen where I am at the moment

  • 2. Eat lots of Bremer Klaben

    Mother’s Bremer Klaben is the best. Even better than mine, even though I use her recipe.

  • 1. Watch YouTube Videos

    Like this one. Has lots of strange Christmas presents in it. Whoohoo!

That’s all, folks.

How to waste 4 hours at the airport

von Armin am 23.12.2006

The annual journey to my parents in Germany for Christmas. As usual there is no direct flight from the UK to Bremen, meaning a lengthy stopover somewhere. This year as in several previous years it’s Amsterdam Schiphol. And this time I’ve got four hours to kill. What to do? What to do?

  • 5. Queueing

    Passport control, security control, a queue here, another queue there. Do you have any liquids, Sir? No, sorry, I’m not that stupid to take any liquids on to my journey. Please take the laptop out of the bag for xray. Keys, wallet, coins? Already in my bag, I’ve flown before and know how to get through security quicker, thank you very much. May be shouldn’t have done it this time, plenty of time still to waste…

  • 4. Shopping

    The whisky selection is not that great. Sure, they have some Islay single malts, but just the standard ones you find everywhere. Or the hugely expensive. Come to think of it, most seem quite expensive anyway: €50 for 1l of Laphroaig? I think I can get 0.7l for about ¬£25 in the UK. So I bought a digital voice recorder instead, something I had planned for quite a while.

  • 3. Spend far too much money for WiFi

    €6 for 30min? €10 for a day? They must be joking! But then it’s Christmas only once a year and I’ve got a few hours to kill. Now where was that credit card?

  • 2. Call my mother on Skype

    Hey, I just spent €10 for 2-3 hours of internet access, might as well use the opportunity to call her for free. Even if we’re going to see us in about 4-5 hours. And we don’t really have that much to say over the phone anyway as we’re going to talk properly in a few hours. Still spent 30 or so minutes talking with her and my sister.

  • 1. Blog about wasting time

    Hey, that’s what I’m doing right now. Writing a completely pointless entry about wasting time at the airport. Whoohoo! Only 1.5 hours to go until departure now…

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